IT Resource and Synergetics DCS Merge To Form Endeavor IT
Jessica Slendak

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses and institutions are continuously in search of technology partners capable of delivering innovative solutions, unwavering support, and a profound sense of trust. The team at Endeavor IT understands the occasional uncertainty that accompanies transitions, and their foundation is built on a commitment to guarantee that the journey with clients is not just seamless but also filled with trust, comfort, and a genuine sense of what is best for each individual organization.


One Company, One Promise
While the names IT Resource and Synergetics DCS have been synonymous with excellence in the world of technology, the companies recently announced that these two respected entities have merged to create a powerhouse of IT solutions under the single banner of Endeavor IT. This union, which brings together their vast knowledge and resources, is driven by a commitment to provide even more exceptional services to their valued customers.



   Pictured: Endeavor IT - Starkville, Mississippi, Endeavor HQ - Cloverdale, Indiana, & Endeavor IT - Coopersville, Michigan


The management and team members that their customers have come to know and trust will remain unchanged. It’s the same friendly faces who are dedicated to serving each and every client. But now, as one unified company, the team will offer a broader array of IT solutions, serving the North, Midwest, and South regions. In addition, the same remarkable service that they’ve been practicing for decades will remain at the forefront of their approach. However, with this merger, Endeavor will be bringing a host of exciting features and services to the table. By joining forces, they’ve significantly increased their bandwidth and knowledge, enabling them to address complex IT projects, handle large-scale deployments, and provide innovative solutions to give any organization a competitive edge.

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The establishment of Endeavor IT transcends a simple merger. Our goal is to strengthen the company by creating multiple integration and managed service centers across the nation. Concurrently, we aspire to bolster our longstanding partnerships with industry leaders, facilitating the development and implementation of agile and efficient enterprise IT solutions,” stated Darin LaCoursiere, CEO of Endeavor IT.

The Endeavor IT Difference
While both IT Resource and Synergetics DCS are wholly owned by Endeavor Communications, Endeavor IT is not merely a name change; it signifies a pivotal moment in the company’s journey to deliver excellence in the realm of IT solutions. This transformation is backed by the combined expertise, strength, and resources of this newly formed partnership. What’s more, all these benefits will be accessible through the same team their customers have grown accustomed to working with, leading to a seamless transition. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from this union:


• An extensive roster of certified technical resources: Their technical experts are certified by the world’s top IT manufacturers, ensuring that customers receive the highest level of knowledge in today’s ever-changing landscape.
• A wide range of expertise: The team covers various domains, including data center, cloud, security, networking, collaboration, emerging technologies, cabling, and digital infrastructures. Additionally, offering a robust suite of professional, managed, and consultative IT services.
• Strong partnerships with industry leaders: Long-standing relationships with industry leaders empower Endeavor IT to design and implement state-of-the-art enterprise solutions tailored to any organization’s unique needs.
• Local support with a nationwide reach: With 190+ employees and multiple locations serving the U.S., Endeavor IT is always close by to provide customers with the support they need.
• Integration and managed services: Multiple integration and managed services centers are equipped to deliver top-notch support.


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The joining of our two organizations into one is poised to facilitate the delivery of a more extensive array of services while upholding our steadfast commitment to maintaining exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. Recognizing the challenge that most businesses face in staying abreast of rapidly evolving technologies, we believe that the integration of our two sister companies will help our rapidly growing client base increase staff productivity, network uptime, and the security of their data assets,” stated Justin Clark, Chief Operations Officer.



The Journey of Synergetics and IT Resource
Synergetics DCS, founded in 1992, and IT Resource, established in 2000, were previously sister companies under the umbrella of Endeavor Communications, a technology solutions cooperative. Their dedication to serving the public sector, education, state, and local governments has been unwavering, and the decision to merge was rooted in a common vision.


A Comprehensive Suite of IT Solutions
Whether you need help with a single project or need full-time IT MSP-styled support, Endeavor IT will partner with you to meet your specific requirements. Their IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions are customizable to suit a spectrum of operations, catering to entities with no IT staff to those with expansive IT departments. These services encompass:


• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions: Ensuring company operations stay resilient even in the face of adversity.
• Collaboration and Cloud Services: Facilitating seamless communication and data management.
• Network and Server Management Solutions: To ensure your data remains accessible and safe.
• Virtual CIO Services: Providing expert guidance to help you make informed decisions.
• Compliance and Risk Solutions: To ensure regulated companies navigate the world of compliance effortlessly.
• Cybersecurity Solutions: Safeguarding digital assets from evolving threats.
• Cabling Services: Fiber and copper-based solutions for seamless connectivity.
• Physical Security Solutions: Including door access control, video surveillance, and emergency alert systems.


In addition to their overall IT services, Endeavor IT specializes in tailoring solutions for specific industries, including the banking sector, where they offer IT compliance, managed compliance, and risk management solutions. In the education sector, they provide funding solutions such as ERATE and ESSR, professional development courses, and interactive panels and devices for classrooms.


Your Success is Endeavor’s Priority
At Endeavor IT, the success of each client is the focal point of every decision made. This commitment extends to delivering solutions that not only meet but surpass expectations. The team’s comprehensive design, deploy, train, and maintain process is tailored with the transformation of each individual customer in mind. With the recent merger, Endeavor IT stands ready to offer an expanded spectrum of IT services and solutions, empowering businesses to flourish in the digital age. Endeavor IT extends an invitation to clients to embark on this journey, where the partnership is defined by trust, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.


Welcome to Endeavor IT, where organizations find their IT needs met with an unwavering commitment and a passion for progress.