What is an MSP?
Paije Madison

MSP Stands for 'Managed Service Provider'

MSP is a term used to describe the services offered by IT consultants like Endeavor IT to keep the technology end of your organization running smoothly. Just as most companies use the services of a tax consultant or auditor, many companies prefer their IT operations to be run by experts.


Who Needs an MSP?

  • Organizations with 1-100 users.
  • Organizations who prefer to focus on their business instead of IT management.
  • Organizations who want to source or augment their staff with a level of expertise that they could not find elsewhere.
  • Companies seeking a consistent monthly investment to fulfill all their IT requirements.
  • Institutions with compliance obligations, pursuing peace of mind concerning their regulatory adherence.

Benefits of Using an MSP:

  • Skilled IT employee salaries are high. When you consider the level of IT expertise you get from an MSP like Endeavor IT, the cost is actually lower than hiring staff full-time.
  • Knowledgeable employees are difficult to keep. Let Endeavor IT worry about staffing needs while you focus on
    your business.
  • Eliminates the risk of losing key IT personnel who hold a wealth of valuable knowledge.
  • Staffing up temporarily for large (or unfamiliar) projects can be very difficult. Let Endeavor IT worry about the appropriate level of staffing and scalability so you can focus on your business.
  • Keeping IT personnel trained and up-to-date on the latest processes and technologies is expensive and difficult.
    Endeavor IT engineers are certified pro's that undergo constant training and have decades of experience under
    their belts.


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In Summary

  • Many companies conclude that it is more cost-efficient to scale back (or eliminate) their own IT operations and use Endeavor IT.
  • Our state-of-the-art software stack, resources, and processes will ensure your business runs efficiently and meets the regulatory requirements for your specific industry.
  • We've built relationships with industry leaders in disaster recovery and business continuity, cybersecurity, managed compliance & risk, and network & server management.
  • We’re trusted by many banks, schools, manufacturers, and governmental agencies stretching from the Midwest to the South. No matter where your organization is located, technology connects us remotely and securely, saving you on costs.
  • We can get you up and running on the latest IT solutions to ensure your data is always accessible and secure - and we do this all for one predictable monthly investment.


Don’t leave your most precious asset in the hands of anyone but a pro! Learn more about our MSP solutions here.